In the UK they make it easy, but Karl Lagerfeld, on our court, points out: “Let’s embrace furs. I do not like Nazivegans”

We had few doubts about Karl Lagerfeld’s passion for leather and furs (he latest gave further evidence about it while recently designing a capsule collection for young model Kaia Gerber). Yet yesterday the fashion designer made some more announcements on the topic that are by all means crystal clear: “I do not like these vegans: they are destroying butcheries. For the time being, butchers are not illegal yet: to attack them is therefore kind of fascism, and I struggle against whichever type of fascism”, he pointed out, as reported by Fashion Network, at the end of the fashion show, entirely focused on leather, arranged by Fendi, the prestigious brand he is currently managing. Furthermore, since some issues affect several playgrounds, as emphasized by the latest blaze (most likely it was arson) that took place in a mink breeding farm, based in the area around Vicenza, Lagerfeld did not just talk about leather. He also spoke out in favour of furs, banned in the recent London Fashion Week. “Since the others are running far away from furs, we embrace them conversely – added Lagerfeld -. We should rather avoid fake furs, which are highly polluting. Ugh! As long as people keep wearing leather and eating meat, then furs (provided that animals are treated carefully in acceptable conditions, as Fendi do while making their furs) will still be legal and desired”. On top of that, the fashion designer did not refrain from saying a cutting remark, from an economy standpoint so to speak, directed at his British colleagues: in fact, they made a media choice that little affects their business sales and trends: “The UK may easily ban furs, as their incomes do not come from them!”.



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