Italian leather industry presents its labour achievements: on-the-job injuries, in tanneries, have dropped by 57.2% in the last 15 years

Players, alongside several factors, made such accomplishment feasible. First and foremost, Italian tanners drove this achievement thanks to their consistent and painstaking commitment. In addition to that, on-the-job safety also hangs on risk assessment tools, training courses addressed at workers, compliance with stricter regulations. Not to mention, as well, the valuable action taken by UNIC – Italian Tanneries, which enhanced technological development while promoting successful contacts with machinery manufacturers, urging them in terms of safety and reliability. The same job association published, during the conference on safety and health in tanneries, held in Brussels and arranged by Cotance, together with IndustriALL, the results coming from such commitment. In Italy, over the last 15 years, data are provided by INAIL, on-the-job injuries in tanneries declined by 57.2%, while their frequency rate decreased by 42.8%. In the same period, the only figure that went up (+51.2%) is the one about injuries “underway”, which take place during the transfer from or to the workplace (they are worth 24.8% of the number of injuries in tanneries). As for work related diseases, meanwhile, in 2017 they dropped by 19.7% on annual basis. Italian leather tanning industry does care about safety. We can see it.


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