Paris Haute Couture outlines pros and cons around fur: “fake fur is certainly polluting”

Fur celebrates its own triumph at Paris Haute Couture. In fact, in their fall-winter collections, showed on runways during the French exhibition event (on the agenda in Paris until July 7), fashion brands presented many fur items indeed. That is why Pierre-Philippe Frieh, spokesperson of French fur industry association (Fédération Française des métiers de la fourrure), emphasized, in Fashion Network, the “renaissance of fur role in the fashion system”. Yet, some aspects of the situation remain critical.

Natural vs. fake

On the one hand, some fashion houses, such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, make use of natural fur a great deal; yet, on the other hand, several brands still use alternative materials. Among others, Jean Paul Gaultier (who might take a backward step and change his mind though), who presented feathers processed on purpose.

The eco debate

Some fashion designers line up in favour of fur, others stand up against it. It is not just that though. In fact, one more group is growing larger: it is composed of designers who are dumbfounded by environmental consequences in the story. On the one hand, as reported by Fashion Network again, Julien Fournie, a committed fur-free exponent, admitted synthetic alternative materials could have a heavy environmental impact (“They take 6,000 years to get biodegradable”); on the other hand, Giambattista Valli went straight to the point: “Fur-free is not environmentally friendly at all – he pointed out –, as it is really polluting”.

In the picture, a look by Dior and Louis Vuitton (pictures taken from and


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