Paul Andrew and Microsoft: tradition and innovation for Ferragamo

Paul Andrew and Microsoft: tradition and innovation for Ferragamo

Ferragamo matches tradition and innovation. The former inspires the works created by Paul Andrew, art director of the brand. The latter, instead, is the key to a successful partnership with Microsoft to launch a tailored service. In so doing, Ferragamo matches tradition with innovation. Thanks to such service, customers will be given the opportunity to design online a particular type of shoes: they will enjoy “a highly immersive experience”.

Tradition and innovation

“When I got access to Ferragamo archives I found about 15,000 different models of shoes. Of course, I could draw, and I can still take, a great deal of inspiration”, confessed Paul Andrew, art director of Salvatore Ferragamo, during an interview given to While getting inspired, Andrew has shot down extremely high heels, which sometimes prevent who wears them from showing the best. “At times, they seem to be almost a pain for women. In my opinion, heels must be wearable. I believe that the highest ones, in our last collection, did not exceed 8 centimetres. I have put, inside the shoe upper, a few elements to enhance comfort: a sort of thin pad”, pointed out Andrew.

Microsoft 3D

As regards men’s footwear, Salvatore Ferragamo launched, together with Microsoft and Hevolus, a customisation service. While browsing into a reserved web application, buyers who have joined the Tramezza Made-to-Order project will be able to watch, on their own monitor, the digital twin model of the shoes they have chosen. Therefore, interacting with its 3D image, they will have the opportunity to customise shoe materials, tints, particulars and finishing touches to create their own Tramezza Made-to-Order.

Digital benefits

“Such digital transformation journey is already providing some relevant benefits in several fields. Among others, an optimization of the customer journey, looking at the omnichannel, and a more profitable management of spaces in our physical stores. Furthermore, a simplification of shopping methods alongside a more suitable customer service. Finally, increasing conversion rates”, commented Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, Chief Executive Officer of Salvatore Ferragamo, while talking to MF Fashion.

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