“The right bag drives the season business”, says Pietro Beccari, new CEO at Christian Dior

50-year-old Pietro Beccari takes a seat on one of the most prestigious luxury chairs: he is the new chief executive officer of Christian Dior Couture. Formerly appointed at Fendi (since 2012), he replaces Sidney Toledano, who had been in charge for 20 years. While joining Christian Dior, Beccari is fully aware of what a luxury fashion brand can and must do to ensure their success and expansion. He clearly stated that during an interview, reported on The Next 20, the December special issue published by Italian online newspaper MF Fashion. He has been thoroughly praising accessories and, most of all, leather goods: “At present accessories are as strategic as ever. In particular, bags are of utmost importance in terms of sale volumes, store business and profitability for all of the 15 main fashion houses in the market. Nowadays, more than ever, the scenario’s changed”. On the one hand, Italian tanneries may well rely, without a doubt, on bags, which nurture their hope; on the other hand, luxury knows that bags are a fundamental certainty for the business. Adds Beccari: “An It Bag can actually drive and positively change a season, thanks to the Internet: trends are better advertised across several channels, and creativity moves towards innovation. Millennials keep craving for luxury articles. Since we aim to enhance and boost our brand, we need to gain market shares amongst the It Bags which are currently on top”. As for footwear, he points out: “Shoes drive customers into the world of luxury through their price, which is more affordable on average. The right shoes enable consumers to mark their playground, thus showing themselves as fashion followers. Generally speaking, the current trend looks at casual, handy footwear, close to street style”.


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