The Vuitton-Trump agreement is partitioning fashion, Ghesquière’s words are strong

Polemiche per la presenza di Donald Trump da Vuitton in Texas

Criticisms: open or veiled. Positions taken in favour. Detailed analysis of the pros and cons for both parties. The opening of the new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas triggered some debate. Inevitably, US President Donald Trump cut the ribbon. On the one hand, Bernard Arnault and Michael Burke, respectively president of the LVMH group and the brand, posed smiling during the ritual photos next to the White House tenant. On the other hand, many have expressed their concerns regarding the managers’ choice, distancing themselves from Trump. Among the latter, the critical position expressed on Instagram by Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’ Woman collection, stands out.

Vanessa Friedman’s analysis

Will Louis Vuitton do well by settling in Texas? What advantages can the Trump administration derive from it? Journalist Vanessa Friedman, on the pages of the New York Times , told all the details of the inauguration ceremony, while asking herself those questions. Friedman highlighted, in particular, how through this operation LVMH is “the first big fashion brand to publicly align with the president. With all the associated risks and advantages if Trump was elected for a second term”. Friedman quoted a passage from Arnault’s intervention, in which the French manager said he was “very honoured to have the president of the United States at the inauguration”. “I’m not here to judge his policy. I have no roles in politics. I am a businessman. I look at what I think can help the country’s economy and the success of what we are doing”, Arnault continued. However, among those who attended the event, there are those who did not hide their doubts about the choice. “It is good to create more jobs, but the value of Louis Vuitton’s bags is bound to fall. The impression is that the high-end bag is luxurious when it was made in Europe, not in Texas”, reported Friedman, citing a voice in the audience. Doubts to which Burke had already substantially responded before during an interview: “For every person who complains there are 99 who appreciate – said Burke -. We need to listen to the 99%”.

Ghesquière says no

The point is that in that 1% who took a critical position there is (also) Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s female lines. Tamison O’Connor refers on The Business of Fashion that yesterday, three days after the inauguration, the designer distanced himself publicly from the American president through his Instagram account. “Stand up against any political action. I am a stylist who rejects this association #trumpisajoke #homophobia” wrote Ghesquière. A post (right, in the photo) that “has received praise from many personalities of the sector – writes BoF -, including the creative director of Louis Vuitton accessories, Camille Miceli”, who responded to Ghesquière’s intervention with emojis of clapping hands and hearts. Replicas also came from Paco Rabanne’s creative director, Julien Dossena, Out Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Phillip Picardi, make-up artist James Kaliardos, Veronika Heilbrunner, former Elle editor-in-chief Anne-Marie Curtis and designer Rebecca Corbin-Murray. Model Teddy Quinlivan commented: “Bravo (Nicolas, ed), thanks for being on the right side ❤❤”. Neither the top management of Louis Vuitton nor Ghesquière himself commented.

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