Traceability? United we can: Cotance and UECBV together at work

Tracciabilità? Insieme si può: Cotance e UECBV insieme al lavoro

After the meeting on February 20 in Milan, during Lineapelle, the partnership is confirmed: Cotance and UECBV will work together on traceability. It’s good news, because the two acronyms represent European tanning and animal husbandry respectively. Two excellences that aim for the same result: to have by 2030 a leather tracking system up to the slaughterhouse.

Cotance and UECBV together at work

The two acronyms already had a first meeting last October, again during Lineapelle. So far, they have decided to work on two lines. The first is animal welfare, for which the Old Continent is already a leader in terms of legislation, standards and best practices. The theme is closely related to the second one, that of traceability. Cotance and UECBV have decided to map certification and audit systems available in the zootechnics value chain, to understand how they relate to the tracking of hides.

Examples, appointments

Cotance and UECBV, meanwhile, also confirm the synergy on issues addressed by the European Commission, such as, among others, the Green Deal and Farm2Fork. They find themselves, with varying degrees of involvement, also observing the developments of the Selambq project, of which they welcome the Spanish government’s allocation of European resources. More importantly, Cotance and UECBV will meet in September, again in Milan, again for Lineapelle, to keep up on the progress of the work.

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