Number 05

The last shelter
PETA asks to world’s publishing houses to include alternative materials in the definition of leather. We say no and we invite you to do the same.
Misleading words
PETA wants to change nature to the word leather in the dictionaries. Why? Here is the good stuff. Lies, manipulations and shows of force: of the arguments the association is using, not one is valid.
SOS bonded
It is sold as if it were leather, but it isn’t. The US furniture market is scourged by bonded leather, due to a lack of strict laws on its labelling.

Beetwen Lineapelle and WLC
The engines are already running full power just 2 months before the fair. Lineapelle Milano’s spin-offs are going to take place in London (July 10th 2018) and New York (July 17th and 18th). We are still over a year out but it is important to talk about it now. On July 16th, 2019, the Big Apple will be theatre of a leather week to be discovered: the fourth edition of World Leather Congress anticipates Lineapelle New York with the aim of promoting a different (and daily) idea of leather.

Chromite, you are getting expensive
Starting in 2016, the prices for chemical products for the tanning industry have been under the pressure of raw materials’ costs. And the price increase of the products came as expected.

Brazilian menace
The operation by Brazilian giant, Marfrig, that bought National Beef, brings concerns in the USA. The senate committee points the finger: “It could threaten the safety of our food system”. Wet blue under the spotlight.

Easter of passion
Lots of slaughtering, slow demand. The first quarter of 2018 is showing the same issues as the previous year for the us leather industry. Meanwhile, the sparks between Washington and Beijing aren’t bringing any serenity.

PORTO, 16-18 MAY
UITIC, the power of knowledge
Glancing at present accomplishments and prospective actions to face and win the innovation challenge. The global footwear industry meets up in Porto at the congress of shoe factory technicians, on its 20th edition.

Few, but good
The Oliver Cabell case: 3 different sneaker models, made in limited edition, with Italian leather and Italian components, “because sneakers are the consumer’s obsession”.

I acquire, ergo sum
Kering leaves Stella McCartney and projects new acquisitions, Richemont sells and buys, the chinese gain ground. Many indications for a test: “The industry of luxury accessories is mature for a further consolidation”.
Beijing’s wealthy hand
Fosun International bought (and saved) Lanvin in February, Shandong Ruyi Group completes the acquisition of Bally (respecting its heritage). Two brands part of the history of European luxury become Chinese.
Homme fatal
Berluti, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme. The meanings of LVMH activity in male style.

The new code
The nomination of Virgil Abloh, king of the streetwear with Off-White, as the creative director of Louis Vuitton is the last step of an acceleration process of the luxury and of (almost) resetting the distance bet ween creation and production.
Fast and Furious (maybe too much)
Brands are running, as the suppliers: they must always be ready. But fashion is like this, faster than robots. While quality is at risk.
Luxury today, according to us
E-commerce, collections, identity. In a matter of days, four main characters belonging to four luxury brands (Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger) explain the rules of high-end fashion according to their beliefs. And share their secrets.

Fabric fashion
Milan Design Week (april 17-22) gives the instantaneous of a high-end padded where, for cyclical stylistic questions, the alternative materials are stealing space to leather. The hard luxury and some markets remain. On the other hand, in the USA, High Point is faithful.
Digital artisan
For Poltrona Frau “intelligence is in the hands” of those drawing and realising its models, “facilitating the manual skills with the most innovative instruments”. Nicola Coropulis (general director) and Roberto Boselli (chief information officer) explains which ones.

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