Curtiembre Paris, Uruguay, workers occupy tannery

Curtiembre Paris, Uruguay, workers occupy tannery

Curtiembre Paris employees have occupied the tannery. On Tuesday, May 5, around 4.30 pm, workers got into the factory and locked themselves in. The company is situated in Montevideo, right in the centre of the Nuevo París tanning cluster. They have been protesting against the layoff of 118 employees.

Curtiembre Paris is a historic Uruguayan company. Its founder, Nathan Bzurovski, a Polish-born entrepreneur, in 1944 decided to start manufacturing in an area that would subsequently grow larger and expand right thanks to leather-tanning activity. Reportedly, the tannery began going through some difficulties last February, owing to a downturn in China’s demand for leather. Shortly after, an Austrian buyer, from the automotive industry, cancelled a big order allegedly. Uruguayan media reported the news after being informed about it by trade unions, which had also announced, in mid-March, the layoff of 118 workers employed at the tannery. Apparently, grounds for such decision lie in a further downturn in production, due to the worldwide health emergency.

Employees occupy the tannery
On Tuesday afternoon, some protesting workers eventually got into the tannery. A few hours later, the company managers tried to talk and negotiate with the occupiers, under the Ministry of Labour’s supervision, but they did not manage to reach any mutual agreement. Trade unions’ representatives have announced occupation will go on until the company chief manager comes along and meets the workers.

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