INNOVATION | Factor 33

The number to keep in mind is 33. It identifies how many times the “electronic eye” IRIS is more effective in comparison to the human one. IRIS, developed by Ger Elettronica, won the Best of APLF Awards 2019 for the new Tanning Technology category, in March in Hong Kong. It is a device that checks the quality of color throughout the production lines   (and it was presented, beside from APLF, at Simac Tanning Tech, Fieramilano Rho). This machine identifies the characteristic parameters and quantifies the difference with a sample, allowing for a chromatic-reasoned selection. The system can be used at the beginning of the production phase, during the middle phase or to control quality. The qualitative upgrade is evident when considering the product’s performance improvements and the optimization of the processes that lead to its creation. The risk of mistakes from wrongly-done measurements is eliminated, the time required for checking the color is reduced, and a continuous and exact analysis of the color is always available, all while fully respecting the quality standards required by contracts with suppliers. A smart solution that perfectly fits to current technological inputs coming directly from the market. The latter can be summarized under three categories: the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of sensors for the collection and interpretations of data, and user Experience. Common denominator for the three: the creation of machines that can communicate among themselves, with other operators and that can generate information. All while resolving an apparent contradiction: creating highly complex systems that are simple and user-friendly to use. Tanning today is 4.0.

The Company

Ger Elettronica (headquarter in Montecchio Maggiore, Veneto region) has been active in the tanning technology segment for 44 years. It was the first company to introduce microprocessors in tanning machines and, today, it is widely focused on automation, investing over 12,000 hours in Research and Development activities.

The Author

 Maurizio Molon has been working in the tanning machinery segment since he was young. Once he finished his studies, his professional career began as a technician installing Ger Elettronica’s machines. After he covered many positions within the company’s Technical Area, he became the Marketing Director and manages sales for Far East countries.





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