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We are always ready to face challenges and do research. We developed our patent in 2014: the first prototype of leather with injected feathers. The proper combination between research and design. Leather tanned with metal-free substances is transformed thanks to the injection of feathers from a soft duvet thermos-sealed to the piece of leather. A light product with a design that is both technological and appealing. The company has been working on its sustainable and environmental plan for years.

Environmental consciousness for us, means closely analyzing all the products that come from our suppliers, along with the respect of sector’s regulations. In the last year we have developed a mew range of chemical products for tanning called LOG – L’Officina Green, which guarantees eco-friendly solutions that focus specifically on the health of individuals and environment. Our company isn’t just tanning products, but it is made of a team of young engineers ready and able to accompany customers and suggest solutions. High- quality raw material, continuous research of materials and a careful analysis of our products, are all factors that make up our answer to an environmentally-conscious marketplace. They are also the cure for the territory where tanning businesses operate, and for a Made-in-Italy system that is high-quality and excellent in all aspects.

The Company

L’Officina – Chimica in Movimento is a company that manufactures chemical substances for the tanning industry and is based in Solofra. The area is a district where craftsmanship and passion for leather coexist and add value to each other. L’Officina works beside companies by providing them with quality chemicals that are innovative and eco-friendly.

 The Author

Giovanni D’Onofrio started out as a chemical expert in 1987. He gained experience by working inside different businesses that manufactured chemicals for the tanning segment, where he had a chance to create his first leather products. He founded L’Officina – Chimica in Movimento in 2007 and is still the owner today. Mr. D’Onofrio is also a consultant for the footwear, leather goods and clothing segments.





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