Bangladesh: shoe factory destroyed by fire. Big brands against exploitation. Nevertheless, relocation is still going strong

A raging fire destroyed a shoe factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in the district called Demra. The flames, visible kilometres away, have prevailed the Machinery and ready to be distributed shoes. No, instead casualties or injuries among professionals. Fires in footwear factories in Bangladesh frequently happen because of poor compliance with safety standards. Nevertheless, there are plenty of brands that choose to rely on the local manufacturer to reduce costs. Last in order of arrival is American Apparel, until now proudly 100% American. The new Canadian properties announced that delocalizzerà the productions in Bangladesh and other Asian and Latin American countries. Meanwhile, however, the fast fashion giants like H & M and Inditex, have deserted the table of Fashion held in late February in Dhaka by the national association of producers and exporters of apparel. Why? To show solidarity with workers’ movements, protagonists in recent months of unrest repressed by the authorities, and their distance from certain practices of offshoring that upset part of the fashion audience. (Photo from


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