Bangladesh workers revolt in Savar against law over minimum pay contract: 1 casualty and over 30 injured

Over 30 men were injured and one died following clashes, between workers and Bangladeshi police authorities, which took place in the district of Savar. Despite the government’s pledge to review, in a short while, the law over the increase of minimum pays, which does not take into consideration workers formerly hired and looks exclusively at new employees, revolts broke out. As reported by the Daily Star, turmoil, which had first come up at the very end of 2018, involved tannery and apparel workers. Several companies, located in the area, are still closed. Simultaneously, police have been up against protesters, who strove hard, a few times, to block roads and cripple the motorway to the local airport, by firing tear gas into the crowd and shooting rubber bullets. For the records, the only man who has died, so far, a 22-year-old guy, was not a protester: he was just an employee, working in the accountancy department of a textile company, who was going back home after work.


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