Beaten to death because of sacred cows. Hindu fundamentalism cause a new death

A 55-year-old man is dead and six other people are wounded. It is the result of an assault that took place on Monday in the Indian state of Rajasthan while a truck carrying cattle was ambushed from “cow vigilantes”, the informal military groups of Hindu extremists. According to local police, reported by the Guardian, this episode is the tenth victim in the last two years linked to religious violence. The armed group ambushed the convoy and lynched with iron maces operators that were on board. The Interior Minister of Rajasthan, commenting on the incident, said the cow vigilantes “did well preventing the sacred cows as they were conducted to the slaughter,” but “violated the law by attacking the people.” This ambiguous position speaks volumes about the climate that reigns in the states of the federation. In recent weeks, local and national politicians have fueled the tone of confrontation proposing the death penalty for those involved in the beef industry, Muslims (as the victim of the last aggression) and Dalits (belonging to the humblest caste of the social pyramid Hindu).



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