The EU confirms: the “eco-leather” definition is false and misleading

Not that there were doubts, but the new guidelines on the application of the Community directive on unfair commercial practices are extremely clear. The Commission in Brussels on May 25 wrote: “Environmental assertion can be misleading if it contains false information: so it is not reliable.” The reference to the “eco-leather” definition for synthetic materials is not just a suggestion, but one of the cases brought as example from Brussels. It is incorrect, therefore, “to present a product as if it were made of eco-leather, when in fact it is not made with material of animal origin, but rather with a comparable material for which there have been no tests to prove its environmental performance”. While the EU clarifies the ideas to distracted labelers (so to speak), the Ministry of Economic Development continues the path to the ban on the use of the terms “skin” and “leather” for materials not derived from animal remains.


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