D&G alone and optimistic: “We will not join a group”

D&G alone and optimistic: "We will not join a group"

D&G alone and optimistic. Alfonso Dolce, CEO of the brand, sees a positive path ahead of him. “I confirm that Dolce & Gabbana wants to work under a single brand, without aggregating or joining others as a group”, explains the manager, who defines the supply chain as the “beating heart of the entire fashion sector”. 2021-2022 financial year promises to be “positive and with opportunities”.

Alone and optimistic

Dolce spoke at the talk “Capital of Fashion, Capitals for Fashion. The big brands in comparison to protect and restart the Italian quality supply chain”, organised by Class Editori. The CEO explained the firm’s will to remain independent. “We have chosen to always work on the quality and excellence of the products on three lines, for men, women and children. We express our idea of ​​lifestyle from textiles to tanning, and through licenses such as beauty – these are his words -. The company strategy is to aggregate, through specific skills, trades and product categories that develop the concept of our brand’s luxury”.

The supply chain

With regard to the made in Italy supply chain, Dolce recalled how the company “continues to invest capital in this direction, but also in training and the culture to always be able to supply the market with unique products”. The manager thinks of a fiscal year (which the brand opens on April 1st) with positive prospects. As Fashion Network summarises, 2020 according Dolce “was a difficult year, but all in all not negative. The prospects are more positive. On the one hand, we see a certain tiredness, given by the social moment, but on the other, a new window for consumption opportunities is opening up”.

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