Elizabeth II is gone, in her own way queen of style

Elizabeth II is gone, in her own way queen of style

A character who made history, reigning for 70 years and spanning the ages. Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 at her Scottish residence in Balmoral. We remember her as a style icon, with her colourful and elegant suits and her ever-present handbags, she was, in spite of herself, a real trend setter. Her passion for handbags has been a well-known fact for many years. Let us look back at the models she was most fond of.

Love for Launer

“Her Majesty” was a loyal buyer of the brand Launer, her favourite handbag designer. According to the Telegraph, Elizabeth owned around 200 bags from the historic British brand (founded in 1941) that uses Italian leathers. Thanks to Elizabeth II’s endorsement, Launer bags have become iconic items for fans of the Royals and beyond. A symbol of timeless British style, they are elegant and refined. With such a testimonial, sales of the brand’s accessories have increased by 400% in recent years and demand has expanded to countries such as China and Japan. The love affair with Launer bags began in 1968, when Sam Launer gave one to Elisabeth, who has never been without it since, both in her public engagements and in everyday life.

Timeless bags

The Queen’s favourite Launer models were: the Royale, the Traviata and the third one made especially for her, thus unnamed. It amazed many people that the British sovereign used to have her bags repaired several times in order to be able to reuse them. These are handmade accessories, for which the leather is cut by hand, taking about 8 hours to assemble. One of Lilibeth’s whims was to replace the suede lining with a silk lining, which is lighter and more elegant.

A trend setter

The bags worn by the Queen quickly became a must-have. The Jubelee bag, made by Launer to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, went on sale (at a price of €3,700) in five colours, including the famous Ebony Black sported by the Queen and immediately sold like hotcakes. Lilibeth projected her own (understandable) patriotism onto Launer. But when it came to fashion, she was broad-minded and knew how to recognise the beautiful and well-made wherever she found it. In fact, among her favourite brands was the Italian Leu Locati. To remember her now is to remember a myth.

In the photo, left, the Queen in her last public appearance (September 7, with newly appointed Prime Minister Truss); right with her husband on a state trip to Canada (1951)

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