England, the training standards that can guarantee specialized labor to the leather industry have been set: UKLA and brands rejoice

A new training standard for the future manufacturers of the leather industry is now present in England. Giving the news is UK Leather Federation, announcing the approval of the new parameters by the British job training institute (Institute for Apprenticeship). The result finally arrived after two years of efforts by numerous businesses in the leather industry, such as Mulberry, Pittards, and Clayton Leather Group, all striving to define a standard path that could help trainees to better understand and know the manufacturing process of leather and the processes surrounding leather goods: In fact, as highlighted by the Institute for Apprenticeship, the new standards create a “set of global abilities, of knowledge and behaviors, given to the future manufacturers, all useful to the creation of leather and leather products”. This knowledge will allow the future workers of tanneries, to handle raw material and tan it in an independent way from that of the entrepreneur, given that they have the knowledge and capabilities to do so, and regardless of whether the steps involve machinery or manual work. With regards to day-to-day operations, they will know how and what to report to the managing employee, as well as be able to operate with their colleagues in full synergy. While announcing the approval of the project, UK Leather Federation (UKLA), has highlighted the words with which Rob Billington, Supply Chain Director of Mulberry, has described the initiative: “We have created something able to strengthen UK’s leather goods’ industry – he says -, now we will need to recruit young people that bring new knowledge, to guarantee a successful future for our industry”.


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