Greenweek, UNIC explains the active efforts of the tanning segment

Greenweek, UNIC explains the active efforts of the tanning segment

The calendar for the 2024 edition of Parma Greenweek is rich and cross-topic. Operators of different industrial segments (food, auto, steelwork and others) will discuss environmental steps taken or to be taken. UNIC – Italian Tanneries, participated on April 5th to explain what the tanning industry has done so far. The fact that it doesn’t stop at slogans but rather searches for solutions. It applies environmental factors to manufacturing activities, but it does also place attention to social ones. In summary: it focuses on both the environment and workers.

The efforts of the tanning industry

Fulvia Bacchi, General Manager of UNIC – Italian Tanneries, presented the segment to the public (which being a generalist, could not be aware of the specificities of the industry). She does so by providing a comprehensive view. She started by explaining the past effort, because the segment in Italy has started implementing sustainability initiatives before the market or regulators even demanded it. Tanning focused on implementation and communication of practices through collaborations or educational events. And the segment needs these sustainability initiatives to also be sustainable from an economic standpoint.

The latest efforts have been made on human capital, as proven by the last renegotiations of the collective bargaining agreement. With regards to the underway generational change, Bacchi (in photo, on the right between two speakers), recognizes that the tanning segment suffers from the social prejudice that many have towards manual work. Nicola Bertinelli, president of Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano, agrees with her, as he also says the work done in the dairy industry is “not attractive” for young people. Even so, UNIC and associated companies keep their doors open to young individuals, so that they may be shown what their future in the industry would look like.

Parma Greenweek

The panels at Parma Greenweek, which began April 2nd with a number of company visits,  will continue until Sunday, April 7th. The organizer of the event is Italypost, in collaboration with Fondazione Symbola and others. Leather will also be the topic of discussion for Viola Dalle Mese, marketing director of Conceria Montebello, during the event ““La moda sostenibile è possibile, ma la rivoluzione deve partire dal basso”.

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