Estimate over raw material and Australian slaughter is discrepant, as USDA expect them to increase, unlike Rabobank

Looking at Australian livestock and farming industry, we cannot rely on certain forecast for 2018; likewise, still we do not know how much weather conditions will affect the industry business. On the one hand, someone expects slaughter to boost by 6%; on the other hand, USDA and Rabobank provide rather different estimates. As for the United States Department of Agriculture, they forecast that in 2018 Australia will plant their breeding farms again, despite bad weather conditions on the grasslands (predictably they might reach 26,7 million cattle units overall). Conversely, livestock to be slaughtered might decrease in number, thus going from 8,05 down to 7,9 million units. Yet Rabobank, a Dutch financial institute, totally disagree on such figures: according to their expectations, dry weather will urge farmers to sell their livestock to slaughterhouses; as for living cattle, they do not see any positive trend in terms of business. We will see how things go.


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