Fake fur? “It is obviously more polluting than the real one”. Were the words of Anna Wintour

CNN has published the interview. The protagonist is Anna Wintour, deus ex machina of Vogue and, in the last 30 years, considered “unrivaled in the fashion industry”. A self-explanatory sentence, to the point that the article written by Fiona Sinclair Scott on the basis of the interview conducted on April 5 in New York by Christiane Amanpour (CNN’s Chief International Anchor), comes to affirm that Anna Wintour, regarding fashion “is the head of state, who presides enigmatically on issues of style and culture far above the average head of the Vogue reader”. Having said this, we shall get to the point. In the context of an article entitled “Anna Wintour says it’s time to defend what you believe in” we get to a very significant point. It concerns the sustainability of the fashion industry and the no-fur choice of a growing number of brands. Wintour, as usual, strikes the question in a few words, arriving at the heart of the hypocrisy of those many adherents to the no-fur theory. CNN writes: “Interestingly, despite a number of luxury brands announcing that they will no longer use furs in their collections (Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, ed), Wintour does not completely reject its use. In the context of sustainability, she stated that “fake fur is obviously more polluting than real fur”, adding that it is up to the fashion houses to work to ensure they follow the best practices and are “ethical when treating them”.

In the picture, a screenshot from edition.cnn.com



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