Fashion celebrates the Chinese New Year with roster inspired merchandising

Every year, brands devote one-off handbags, shoes and clothing collection celebrating the Chinese New Year. 2017 is the year of the rooster, and the fashion world does not miss the chance to celebrate the lucky animal with special editions of their merchandise. White leather Gucci sneakers featuring a snakeskin ayers detail on the back the shoe have had the iconic rooster embroidered on top of their iconic green, and red band. Hogan created a model of its Maxi sports shoes in white leather and gold with a printed rooster wearing sunglasses in the internal part of the shoes, whereas Tod’s added the animal of the zodiac on the insole of his suede moccasins. René Caovilla, on the other side, produced a fun line of black leather ballerinas with a glittered crest on the back. MCM, instead, added a stylised red rooster on a brown leather backpack. However, if someone saw this collection as a celebration of Chinese culture, some others saw these products as a bad replica of Chinese symbols. Too often, it has been the case that the sacred animal had a design that did not conform to the Chinese idea. Some of these designs have sparked outrage among the Chinese community. It has been the case, for example, of Calvin Klein briefs.  The American label has decorated their briefs with a golden print without referencing the traditional plumage of the cock; while Etro designed an animal that resembled more like a Phoenix, and Longchamp presented a red leather bag featuring a bare roster that looked like a hen.


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