From baseball to fashion, Mack Provisions recycle leather mitts

Dal baseball alla moda, Mack Provisions ricicla guantoni in pelle

A brand is able to give its customers the real emotions one can feel upon a grassy baseball diamond. We are talking about Mack Provisions, which recycle baseball leather gloves. When he decided to set his business, KC Mack founded his own company aiming to recycle an American iconic object: baseball leather gloves. He gets from them some peculiar wallets, but also other accessories such as belts and key chains.

Mack Provisions recycle leather mitts

The young US entrepreneur looks around for old baseball catcher and pitcher’s gloves. Then he buys them: in doing so, he preserves them from discarding. Subsequently, he keeps every single part in a warehouse, where clients can even take a quick glance. Things work like that. While browsing through the e-commerce page, on the company website, buyers may choose the wallet they want to purchase. Then they click on a drop down menu to select a twofold option: either “PICK-A-GLOVE” or a random choice. At this point, they carry out their payment. If customers have picked a glove, which is the first option, the company will send them, via e-mail, within 24 to 48 hours, the pictures of gloves stored in the warehouse: buyers will be able to choose the one they like the best. Starting from this point, KC Mack will make the product clients have purchased. Although all baseball gloves are made of leather, each of them is different from the others, of course.

Not only wallets

After recycling baseball gloves, the company manufactures several accessories. Among others, document holders, bracelets, belts and key chains. Yet, they also provide a service. If someone has an old, worn out baseball glove he is still most keen on though, may contact Mack Provisions and have it restored to its former glory. The service costs 80 US dollars. First, they choose the restoration work they opt for, either a minimum or a full-service one. Then the company will provide clients with shipping details: how and where to send their glove. A few weeks later, they will send back home the baseball glove: after restoration, it will be as good as new.

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