‘Green light’ after the storm. Greenpeace praises JBS for its efforts to preserve Amazon forest

JBS, the Brazilian meat giant, has been featured in a dossier on sustainability for its good practices. The London-based CDP has been engaged in the monitoring of environmental impacts of the activities of companies and governments for years.  In his “Global Forests Report 2016”, it mentioned the Brazilian group for his merits for the protection of the Amazon forest. Some of its best practices include: not obtaining supplies of raw material from newly deforested regions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, checking that suppliers have adapted to standards of sustainability and ensuring that its production activities do not result in the further slaughtering of trees. This recognition was a big step for JBS considering that, between 2009 and 2012, it ended up repeatedly targeted by environmental groups. In those occasions, Greenpeace accused the Brazilian giant of binding between its supplier farmers employing illegally deforested Amazon land.


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