Indian government “supports” the leather industry while urging ministries to buy domestic products. 100 illegal tanneries in Calcutta

Focus on the records first. Bloomberg have been reporting that Indian government is currently planning to extend their Made in India program about public commodities business. Aiming then to support the domestic leather industry, they are urging ministries, local councils and army officers to buy a vast majority of shoes (70% at least) and accessories (60% at least) manufactured in India. Still we do not know how the BJP government party, who deliberately jeopardized the Kanpur district, located in Uttar Pradesh, because of religious reasons, is going to work out the situation, which has been a mess for a few years. In the meantime, while talking about districts and hazy actions, local press tells about Calcutta Leather Complex Tanners’ Association, who has been standing up against the illegal activities and tanneries based in the area. Allegedly, 100 companies are currently working out of law: unconcerned about the latest judgements issued by the Supreme Court, they keep discharging their sewage, with no treatment, into the municipality drainage system.


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