Leather becomes a heat map for the 110th anniversary of Poltrona Frau VIDEO

Leather becomes a heat map for the 110th anniversary of Poltrona Frau VIDEO

110 pieces to celebrate 110 years of Poltrona Frau. Protagonist: the Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition leather armchair. It was designed by artist Felipe Pantone, using Pelle Frau leather as a sort of heat map sprinkled with red, orange, yellow, white and blue. “This collaboration aims to shift the perspective of Poltrona Frau towards the future. Not only in terms of a first collaboration with an international artist, but also in terms of environmental protection. The new Pelle Frau Impact Less completes a path towards sustainability,” says the CEO of the Tolentino-based brand, Nicola Coropulis.



Leather as a heat map

Felipe Pantone is known for his frescoes, murals, paintings and sculptures that blend the analogic past with the digitised future. He visited the Poltrona Frau Archives and Museum and chose to reinvent the Archibald armchair (launched in 2009) “because of its minimalist structure” says the artist. The pattern he created was printed directly onto the leather using a type of processing usually reserved for small luxury leather goods. “A technique”, explain Tolentino, “developed thanks to Poltrona Frau’s traditional and in-depth knowledge of leather craftsmanship”.

Impact Less

As Coropulis points out, the Anniversary Limited Edition Archibald uses the new Impact Less leather. It is “chrome-free, uses less water, is cleaner and further reduces the consumption of chemical components of an already sustainable leather, being a product of circular economy”. The project is already visible online and will be physically visible from on June 7-12, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan at the flagship store in via Manzoni.

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