Chinese tanneries in Wuji are still under the environmental cosh, as they are forced to temporary stop and closing

They have to stop every now and again, though it will be soon over predictably. In the Chinese province of Hebei, a non-specified number of tanneries, located in the cluster of Wuji, have been temporarily forced to stop their manufacturing after inspection carried out by government officers. Such are the main reasons that drove to the tanning stop: tanneries, which are (still) polluting, are (still) very late as for works to bring into alignment and modernize their sewage disposal plants. As reported by Sauer Report, at least two of these tanneries were closed and inspections were unexpected; as a result of them, tanneries were given “remarkable fines”, though in some cases, the most serious ones, they were charged with environmental crimes. Wuji tanneries have been floating for months in dangerous water. In 2016, the Agency of Environmental Protection found out that quantity of hexavalent chromium, discharged by tanneries in the river around them, was five times higher than the standard level fixed by Chinese government.


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