Simac Tanning Tech closes with a smile: “Positive response”

Simac Tanning Tech chiude con il sorriso: “Risposta positiva”

Simac Tanning Tech closes with a smile. The 2020 edition of the international exhibition of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries in the world ended “with a positive feedback, especially for the quality of the demand”, they say from ASSOMAC. The president of the industrialists of the sector, Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, says she is “very satisfied with the result, especially considering the premises from which we started, and given the global economic and health situation. We have recorded good presences from all markets, excluding the Chinese one, understandably – she continues -. Two factors have enhanced the excellence of the sector chain. The first is the interest in sustainable solutions and innovations. The second is contemporaneity with Lineapelle, Micam and Mipel”.

Patent for everyone

“The time of large quantities has passed, now we need speed” explains Gianni Maitan from Gemata stand. “In 2019 we experienced a certain decline. The first month and a half of the new year was subdued, due to the health emergency – continues the manager -. The push from the East has failed, but I am sure that in a couple of months we will enjoy a relaunch”. “2019 has been in line with past years, and 2020 has started well, we are happy” explains Olimpio Storti, Sales Manager of Pajusco Tecnologie. “A very good fair, especially considering the initial expectations” comments the president of Officine di Cartigliano, Antonio Polato, at the end of the three days. “We show the fallout from the indiscriminate use of plastic, and then tell how our technologies are able to enhance leather, the real one – continues the manager from Veneto -. We reveal the components that are usually hidden inside the machines, to show how sophisticated the systems we adopt are, and that we are able to customise according to every need”.

The gift of the trees

In line with the strong appeal to sustainability is the agro-forestry project promoted by ASSOMAC, and carried out in collaboration with Treedom platform. The association purchased 500 plants to be planted in Madagascar. ASSOMAC forest plants were donated to each associated companies, 3 for each one, but also to other supply chain associations. On Wednesday February 19, Marchioni Bocca (pictured) invited the president and general manager of UNIC – Italian Tanneries, Gianni Russo and Fulvia Bacchi, together with the presidents of Assocalzaturifici, Assopellettieri and Unpac, to whom she donated 5 plants each (in the pictured left). “Being sustainable for companies in our sector is now an essential condition – concludes Marchioni Bocca -. This is what the market is asking from us, needing sustainable technologies to reduce the consumption of water, energy and contain CO2 emissions. It is part of our social responsibility, both as entrepreneurs and inhabitants of the world”.

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