#lineapelle92: instructions. All you need to know to prepare your visit to the fair

Here’s all you need to know about Lineapelle 92nd edition, opening tomorrow, 21 February, at Fieramilano Rho, pavilions 9, 11, 13, 15, 22, 24. Opening hours and entrances: you may get in there through East, West and South Gates. Tomorrow and Wed exhibition opening hours are 9am-6.30pm. On Thu, the last exhibition day, opening hours will be 9am-5pm. Trend Areas: in all of them (3) photos and videos are strictly forbidden (including smartphones). Samples exhibited, around 2.000, are about Summer 2018. The main Trend Area is placed at the entrance of Pavilion 13. The others are located at Pavilion 9 (aisle U) and 22 (aisle T). Fashion Presentations: four of them, two of which will be held in Italian, and two in English. The Italian ones will take place tomorrow and Wed, at 2.30pm, whereas the English ones will start at 4pm, same days. Fashion Presentations, which will be conducted at the end of Pavilion 15, are being curated by Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee. Upon payment. Trend Book: for sale either at Pavilion 13, at the Trend Area (aisles A and Z), or in the e-shop through lineapelle-fair.com portal . How to get there: free shuttles are available from Milan Central Station and Linate/Malpensa airports: click here  for timetables. Over 10.000 outdoor car parks are available (from P1, with Fast Lanes, to P5), plus two multistorey indoor car parks (PM1 and PM2), close to West Gate. Finding your bearings in the fai : by using Lineapelle app, of course. Download it on your smartphone (android and Apple) as you get access to your app stores. You will find there our catalogue, an interactive map, and information about schedules, transport and events. In all areas free Wi-Fi network is available. Events: Pavilion 9 will house two special outfittings. The former is about the exhibition of a number of leather works carried out in the Italian tannery secondary school workshops: over 1,100 of them took part in the sixth edition of “Amici per la Pelle “ ( “Leather best friends”) , a national contest -“ Toy Tan”- based on toy theme. Works may be assessed either at the fair or, tomorrow and the day after, on a special Facebook account. Prize-giving ceremony will take place at the Fieramilano Rho Auditorium, on Thu 23 February, at 11am. The latter is the The Perfect Tannery show, a fine collection of artistic photographs, taken by Stuart Franklin and Mark Powers (Magnum Agency), narrating tanneries in Arzignano.


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