Recovery in sight for China: in November consumption was more than predicted. Automotive sector cheers, fashion a little less with “only” a 5% growth

After the 10% increase recorded by the retail sales in October, it is expected to see the result in November to see if it was in place a turnaround or not. Well, the November figure exceeded expectations (+ 10.1%): sales increased by 10.8% yearly. This is the most sustained growth since December 2015. The fashion sector can rejoice only half. As reported by the National Bureau of Statistics in Beijing, in fact, the increase was driven by car purchases, household and cosmetic devices. The macro category clothing grew by “only” 5.1%. The figure is an important sign of the stabilisation of the Chinese economy, confirmed by the result of industrial production (+ 6.2% in November). Since the start of sales of consumer goods grew by 10.4% from January to November. Excellent performance for online sales: + 26.2% in the first eleven months of the year.


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