Take everything from me but not my boots: Kate Middleton, 10 years with the same leather boots

She wore them at public events as early as 2004, when she was not yet part of the British royal family. She’s worn them for ten years and even just recently on a trip to Bhutan with her husband, Prince William. For more than a decade Kate Middleton has been practically married to a pair of Penelope Chilvers boots. Cosmopolitan (from whose site we got the two pix) traced the princess’ love affair with her boots, handmade from vegetable-tanned Spanish leather. Footwear that she won’t say farewell to. This story tells much. It confirms leather’s durability: whoever spends  £ 350 to 500 for Penelope Chilvers boots knows they are purchasing a product that lasts. And it also says something about Princess Kate’s frugality: it’s important, at a time when so many need to pinch pennies, to show self-restraint. But if she (who can afford to) doesn’t indulge in footwear and accessory buying, who will? (rp)


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