The Huff Post denounces Bangladesh’s delays in Savar, yet the government is already planning two more leather districts

Despite the disastrous moving of the leather cluster from Hazaribagh to Savar, Bangladesh enhances their endeavour, as they announce that they are going to build up two more tanning districts. Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, declared that his government aims, thanks to the new manufacturing sites, at a five-fold increase of domestic leather export (whose revenues are currently around 1,2 billion dollars) by 2021. Intentions are good overall, still Bangladesh’s short deadline makes a bit skeptical. The British edition of the Huffington Post widely focused, on last November 16, a number of articles on the new tanning leather district, “whose final implementation was scheduled by 2005, but it’s been now rescheduled by June 2019”. Only 92 tanneries out of 155, which are expected to be built up, have been already settled on the site. Savar is lacking in everything: road network, as well as sewage and waste disposal plants (raw hides scraps can be seen outdoor beside tanneries). Likewise, the child labour issue, as reported by the Huffington Post, still requires a solution, while the local river is already polluted, as much as the Buriganga River, in Hazaribagh, unfortunately. Such preconditions are not driving Bangladeshi new districts too far.


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