The regenerated leather is a hoax. Florida maxi-compensation required for the sofas that deteriorate quickly

Kane’s supplies, furniture retailers for the home with 18 stores in Florida (USA), has sent letters to 15,000 customers explaining how to request a shopping voucher, the equivalent for sofas sold between 2010 and 2016, to avoid litigation. Because in recent times there have been many dissatisfied customers who have decided to resort to legal action. The sofas in bonded leather complained about clients before the courts of the state; they have deteriorated so much faster than projected at the time of sale. The retailer, for its part, has tried to defend itself (also trying to define what should be the expectations of a product regenerated leather), before succumbing in front of customers and then retaliating with its supplier (a furniture factory based in Mississippi). The proposed resolution of Kane’s supplies must still pass the scrutiny of the judicial authority. They expect novelties for next May. (Picture from


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