Seeking responses in London: gearing up for Lineapelle London

A Londra in cerca di risposte: tutto pronto per Lineapelle London

It is going to be edition number 23. It will take place, as usual, at the Ham Yard Hotel, enjoying its informal and design spaces. Lineapelle London is coming up, at this point, and is ready to accomplish its umpteenth exploring mission. The exhibition is due to kick off next week, on Tuesday 21st January. The event is bound to provide, once more, an opportunity to meet up and talk with professionals, who play in a rather peculiar and very creative market. Which has been dealing with Brexit tensions for months. Lineapelle London heads to London while seeking a few responses then.

The fair and its agenda

43 exhibitors are going to participate in Lineapelle London. 32 of them are coming from Italy, 11 from foreign countries. 28 tanneries will join the fair. Visitors will find 15 stands presenting accessories, components and fabrics/synthetics. Two style presentations are on the agenda. The former is scheduled at 9.30am, the latter at 2pm. There will be a sneak preview of a focus on summer 2021 trends, designed by Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee.

Style simplifying

When it comes to summer 2021 trends, the key topic is simplifying. It is no coincidence that the name given to base concept is The Era of Simplifying. Lineapelle outlines it as follows: “There is a desire for simplification, therefore getting rid of redundancy and complications”. Looking ahead at style trends, the aim will be “to reduce wastefulness of time and space, by making use of technology and digital tools, as well as graphic design and sketch”. Pointed out Lineapelle in a press release: “Next season fashion will be on the lookout for harmony with environment, while presenting materials and works that may rely on painstaking attention to details and performance standards”.

Italian leather

Speaking about a green attitude, Lineapelle remarks: “Out of the participating companies, two of them hold the Certificate of Sustainability, issued by ICEC (Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector). It certifies their environmental, ethical, social and economic commitment; in addition, it enhances their cutting-edge green attitude, which applies to all products”. That is why Lineapelle London turns out to be “the ideal opportunity to spotlight Italian companies’ commitment to safeguarding and respecting the environment. They took the responsibility long time ago, regardless of any predominant and often fanciful trends. In fact, Italian leather valuable sustainability is the result of long-lasting research and investments. Such ability to foresee themes and trends enabled our companies to stand out in terms of high quality”.

UNIC campaign

It is not by chance that, during Lineapelle London, UNIC-Italian Tanneries will launch their worldwide advertising campaign: Real Leather is Real Sustainability. They will present and illustrate it before visitors, buyers and fashion designers gathered at the Ham Yard Hotel, while introducing the morning and afternoon style seminars.

 The latest news

We wonder if, and to what extent, approaching Brexit can affect the fair event. The Brits voted on a referendum in June 2016: supposedly, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union will become official on January 31. During Lineapelle London past editions, they did not spotlight Brexit a great deal; likewise, they did not particularly feel its effects on commercial and creative encounters. Will imminent Brexit change visitors’ attitude of mind?

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