IFF launches Furmark with LVMH for fur traceability

IFF launches Furmark with LVMH for fur traceability

For the traceability of fur, for the transparency of the supply chain, to comfort those who buy garments with natural fur and, at the same time, respond to the criticism of detractors. IFF (International Fur Federation) presents Furmark, the certification and tracking system for materials and their processing methods developed with LVMH and other fashion brands. The programme, drawn up with experts and scientists, is based on “extremely strict standards that follow the entire production chain”, the promoters explain in a note. Furmark only covers natural furs “sold at international auctions, whether wild or farmed”. The latter already comply with animal welfare protocols, such as WelFur.

Furmark’s fur traceability

How does the programme work? “Certified hides must be processed in accredited tanneries and subject to third-party inspections that meet the SafeFur standard, the note continues. Furmark-certified products can only be manufactured by companies that have passed due diligence checks conducted by professional experts, which ensure both brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Each stage of the production process is recorded through a traceability system that is accessible and visible to the customer, so as to ensure transparency throughout the entire production chain”. The traceability scheme is therefore a guarantee for the market. “Furmark-certified products will be accompanied by a label with a unique alphanumeric code that provides their specific traceability chain”. The consumer will be able to have information on “the type of fur, its origin, the animal welfare programme applied, the producer, and the place of production”.

The market demands it

Research conducted between March and April 2021 by Mitchla Marketing on behalf of IFF among 5,000 consumers in Europe and the US, shows that the market is in favour of fur. 70% of the panel said they are “open” to buying collections from designers and brands that use natural fur. The majority (65%) respond positively to Furmark. Finally, more than half (56%) say that certification changes their view of natural fur “very positively” or “positively”. “This is a turning point,” comments Mark Oaten, CEO of IFF. “If people had doubts about buying or wearing natural fur, they got the answers. Our industry has centuries of roots and is undergoing a transformation: traceable and sustainable products are a true alternative to fast fashion”.

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