Zalando sets a new record registering a +23% in sales in the last quarter of 2016. The secret is in the customer experience.”

Last Saturday, Riva del Garda hosted Schuh Expo. One of the topics was E-commerce and what companies have learned from it in the past ten years. The main outcome was that online sales should not be considered strictly competitive with those offline but complementary. These statements align correctly with e-commerce footwear seller Zalando. The German company announced preliminary 2016 revenues exceeding $3 billion and a half euro on a year (between 3.633 and 3.642 billion euro) and that figure reached 1.1 billion in the last fiscal quarter (between 1.086 and 1.094 billion euro). There has been an impressive rate of growth: on 2016, + 22.9 / + 23.1% compared to 2015. The EBIT doubled: from 202 to 225 million euro for an equivalent margin of 5.6 to 6.2%. “We have completed 2016 – declared the CEO Rubin Ritter. For the first time, we overcame the barrier of one billion revenues in a quarter which was a consequence of our focus on the consumer. We will continue working to strengthen our growth and to further investing into customer experience for all the markets in which we operate.”


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