A good September for US leather: more wet blue to Italy

A good September for US leather: more wet blue to Italy

The US leather segment found good signs after the struggle caused by Covid-19. LHCA (Leather and Hide Council of America) published data related to the export of raw material for the tanning segment related to the period January-September 2021. On yearly base, volume is up 59% and value by 72%.

A good September

According to LHCA’s data, US companies exported 24.34 million hides (fresh or salted) during the first 9 months of the year. This equals an increase of 59% compared to the 15.3 million pieces of the comparable period of 2020. Foreign revenue went from 419.5 million USD of 2020’s period to 722.1 for this year’s period. The main buyer is, as before, China, with 15.7 million hides (+46%), while Italy is down 56%, with 58,568 imported hides against the 132,178 of the previous year. Worth mentioning is Nigeria, which had purchased just 37 units in 2020 and is now at 4,008. Mexico and Japan both grew from period to period (+156% and +124% respectively). Europe, meaning 27 countries (excluding Italy), lost 37%.


Wet blue hides also performed during the period. Overall, the US exported 3.3 million semifinished hides (+60% on yearly basis). In terms of value, the increase was of 18%. China, in this case as well, is the top destination. Italy, as a buyer, increased purchases by 30% in volume with 876,215 pieces purchased. The value increment amounted to +20%.

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