Australia, drought and floods put Queensland on its knees: lost 2% of all bovines

The joint effects of the persistent droughts and sudden floods have hit the Queensland’s region hard, causing an impoverishment of Australia’s livestock industry. Peter Rizzo, ceo of Australian Meat Processor Corporation, explained the situation while speaking to the Internal Affairs Commission of the country’s Senate. “The reports available to us show that the number of bovines has decreased by 2% – his words reported by -. The impact for us won’t be perceived right away, but the hit will be felt in the medium term, when businesses will need livestock that is alive or the off-springs that should have originated from the units we lost”. More time is needed, it seems, to fully comprehend the consequences that will impact Australia’s leather chain, which is already under pressure (as we explained to you in the third number of La Conceria). According to AMPC’s ceo, the number of units slaughtered next year will reach 7.6 million: the result would be in line with the trend seen throughout the last few years.


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