Brazil, Marfrig’s new slaughterhouse operates at 100% capacity: 2,000 bovines per day inside the Vàrzea Grande site

The Vàrzea Grande plant (Mato Grosso) has the production capacity to handle 2,000 bovines per day. And now Marfrig, Brazilian giant operating in the red meat and leather industry, which bought controlling interests of BRF last December, takes charge of the latter with a strategy that, according to the holding company, aims at optimizing the management of resources. Marfrig acquired the Vàrzea Grande slaughterhouse for 100 million real (22.8 million euro) via the same operation with which it acquired 91.89% of Quickfood. According to what reported by, the multinational holding promises to invest in machinery and labor force to further strengthen the production site.


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