Argentina, raw hides and skins traders are in a hurry as they urge upon free exports

Meat operators, as well as raw hides and skins traders, have gained an achievement to some extent: in fact, so far only the harbours of Buenos Aires and Gualeguaychù (a small port city that borders Uruguay) had permission to export raw hides and skins. Now, instead, they have also extended such authorization to the customs authority of the Province of Salta (which borders Chile and Bolivia), which will be allowed to export the same goods as well. As reported by Aire de Santa Fe, Franco Brunetti mostly drove this accomplishment. While being the owner of a slaughterhouse based in the province of Salta, he is also one of the most important promoters of the Mesa de Las Carnes, an association of companies, in the livestock and farm industry, which are struggling for the deregulation of exports of raw hides and skins. In doing so, they have won a battle, but not the war yet. Argentina’s government should have halved duties on export of salted hides 5 months ago, but such reduction has not become law yet. That is why the Mesa de Las Carnes has scheduled another meeting with President Mauricio Macri, who reassured the industry operators, more than once, about the government intentions. “After a number of various prohibitions, which have been going on for 47 years – remarked Brunetti in a press release – at this point I expect Macri to keep his promise to remove unfair taxes and duties”.


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