Raw hides and skins, dead calm: market still flat, with tension rising for high-range cowhides

Lineapelle confirms the lack of movement in the raw materials market: aside from a few sparks going against the flow, the market situation and its prospects remain weak. “The supply has been poor up until now, but the demand is not brilliant either” comments Francesco Matelli, skins trader. And with regard to the source markets, there is nothing but bad news from Australia. Ian Scherr of Casino Hide Tanners (a division of the Northern Co-operative Meat Company) explains that “between 2013 and 2015 the extended drought led to a record-breaking number of slaughters. Now the rains have returned and the availability of cattle has been reduced”. Speaking of the entire Australian production, according to Scherr “falls are expected both in national supplies (-18%), and in export (-16%)”. And the scenario in Europe is not looking much better. Livio Pellini, of Swiss company Ryffel Pelli, affirms that the supply of high-range cowhides from Europe is being influenced by “the economic context of the meat industry, which is leading to the closure of small, high quality farms”.


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