Raw material: Mexico with stable slaughter. Canada is in an active zone. EU: request for cows surges along those for calves

Government programs for the restocking of animals in Mexico bring the first results. In 2017, there will be 7.3 million of heads in addition to cattle in the Latin American country, with an import of live specimens that will constitute an increase of 10%. It consisted of 7.1 million exemplaries. However, the amount made to the cattle population in 2016. The news came from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA-FAS) in a report which also states that the production of meat will increase Mexico City 1.6% by weight. Just to encourage the growth of the cattle population, they will be imported especially suckler and milk cows, while heifers and bulls will be preserved. Slaughtering in line with the last two years: just under 6 million head. 2016 saw growing contributions from Canada with 3.1 million heads (+ 2.4%), with a stable calf and cow an increase of 1.7%. Heritage bovine stood in a positive area. In 2016 the animals brought to the slaughter in the European Union grew by 3.1% on an annual basis. In positive area all categories, with significant performance cow (+ 7%), heifer (+ 6.1%) and calves (+ 2.3%), while slightly decreasing is the request for the young bull (+ 0.8%). The only one to give in is the bull (-1.2%). This situation was highlighted by a document of the Committee Management Officer (CMO) of the Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission dated 23 March. In 2016, the cattle population of the Old Continent came to share 81.7 million heads (+ 0.8%), with growth of specimens less than one year of age (1.8%); and within two years ( + 2.1%), while slightly decreases the number of more than 2 years (-0.3%). The positive trend of the European slaughter is expected to grow in 2017. According to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA-FAS), even in the wake of the liberalisation of the milk market, in 2017 the number of vested chiefs could live further progression 0.7%.


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