Bangladesh dealing with a large amount of unsold raw hides

Bangladesh dealing with a large amount of unsold raw hides

In Bangladesh, they are currently discarding unsold raw hides. Raw material traders have been complaining, for a while, about the difficult situation they are dealing with, as they can hardly sell their own products at a reasonable price. Besides that, in some districts tanneries are in big trouble indeed: consequently, they are not able to settle their accounts.

Hence, many of them have discarded unsold raw hides into public spaces. Not to mention a large amount of raw hides and skins left over after the traditional sacrificial ceremony related to Eid-ul-Azha feast.

Unsold raw hides

Leather traders working in the district of Chittagong are going through a very difficult situation. In fact, they are not able to sell their products at a reasonable price: therefore, because of it, they may lose some money every day. At the same time, they claim some credits with tanneries.

Yet, they themselves are going south due to markets slowdown and, in addition, because of a few internal problems: among others, the impossibility to settle the mortgage payments, previously taken out. That is why several traders eventually decided to throw away unsold raw hides, which they can no longer use in some cases, and discard them around the streets. “We are compelled to sell raw hides to Dhaka tanners on credit.

The thing is that they keep us in check since they do not provide us with any document; on top of that, they keep delaying payments – emphasized Abdul Kader, former president of the district traders’ association, while talking to the Dhaka Tribune –. For the records, arrears have now reached 250 million Taka (that is, about 2.5 million euros, editor’s note)”.

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