Stella McCartney parades horses and proves herself an inconsistent vegan

Stella McCartney parades horses  and proves herself an inconsistent vegan

Stella McCartney parades horses at her fashion show in Paris. And so, she proves that, in practice, animal rights doctrine interests her only as far as it suits her. And from their point of view they are right. The British fashion designer has never lacked the raised toe of the judicious teacher. And even this time, she pointed it at others: “I saw too much leather and too many feathers on the catwalk this season,” she told Reuters. The daughter of the famous Sir Paul is not lacking in moralism either: “My clothes didn’t kill anything,” she rejoiced to the Guardian (implying that those of the other maisons dripped blood). Yet, the equestrian setting of the latest fashion show, as we said, raises more than a few doubts as to how consistent McCartney’s veganism is.

Telling how to be vegan while taking advantage of horses

In short, there is no need for us to introduce to you Stella MCartney, a champion of vegan fashion who does not use animal products in her collections. We do, however, invite you to dwell on one detail: she uses live animals for her shows. And this, in the radical green perspective, is not a good thing. The backdrop for the 6 March fashion show was the stables of the École Militaire in Paris. Entertaining the guests were seven horses, engaged in exercises of various styles while the models paraded on the grounds. Horses, in addition, accompanied by a trainer equipped (you can see in the picture, from Youtube) with a riding crop.

Stella McCartney parades horses

Stella McCartney claims a passion for horse riding: “I would only travel on horseback if I could,” was the claim of the show. What’s the problem? That veganism condemns, and therefore shuns, any human activity that exploits animals or restricts their freedom. Including horse riding, an activity equated with the circus or zoos for that matter. With the Parisian display, therefore, the designer has made one wrong step: as a champion of nature, she should leave horses free to express themselves as they prefer in their habitat.

She should certainly not train them to entertain the audience of a fashion week, without possibly disturbing the show (despite the fact that, according to Vanessa Friedmann of the New York Times, they were the actual protagonists). On social media, many orthodox vegans have accused McCartney of hypocrisy. And, from their point of view, they are right. Because this story proves only one thing: that it is easy how to be a vegan, yes, while taking advantage of (other people’s) horses.

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