Tyson Foods has an interim first quarter: Sales decrease slightly, while the Beef division grows (+1%)

During the quarter that ended on December 29th, Tyson Foods’ sales stopped at 10.19 billion USD, slightly down from the 10.2 billion USD from the same period the previous year. The US-based giant operating in the meat industry, which also concluded the acquisition of Keystone Foods during the quarter being discussed, says it is satisfied for the results achieved: “Our diversification-focused business model – states the company’s ceo and president, Noel White, in an official statement -, is our group’s distinctive trait”. The Beef segment, meanwhile, continues to be the strongest for Tyson Foods: with a 3.9 billion USD revenue, during the October-December 2018 period, it grew 1% (and 0.9% in volume). With regards to diversification, the US group has announced the acquisition of the European and Thai division of Brazilian BRF: the operation allows the United States’ based group to strengthen its position in the poultry segment, as well as the Prepared Food one.


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