USA: bovine meat slows (while deer surprises)

USA: bovine meat slows (while deer surprises)

Bovine meat slows in the USA. Deer, on the other hand, is doing surprisingly well. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) published data relating sales of red meat for the month of October, which appear to be down 7% compared to the same month of 2020. Meanwhile, consumption of deer meat is booming, with slaughterhouses unable to keep up with hunters’ demands. Cargill, meanwhile, was able to put a stop to a strike by increasing salaries by 20%.

Bovine meat continues to slow

According to USDA, the US produced about 4.74 billion pounds of meat (about 2.1 million tons) in the months of October. They were 5.09 billion (2.3 million tons) in October 2020, which means a decrease of about 7%. Bovine meat slowed down and lost 4% in terms of weight and 3% in terms of units slaughtered.

Deer meat is booming

Different plants, writes, report an increased demands for deer meat by hunters. Phill Taylor, owner of Realistic Processing based in Lowell (Indiana), says he is “overwhelmed” by demand. Why? There are a few reasons. “Many people are trying to fill their freezers with meat because they are unsure of what will happen with supply”, explains Taylor. Additionally, some deer slaughterhouses have recently closed down, thus shifting their activities to those still open.

Cargill gets out of a difficult situation

Meanwhile, Cargill managed to put a stop to the strike that was going on inside one of its Canadian plants. The US-based meat giant reached an agreement with the union that represented over 2,000 workers. The agreement includes a salary increment of 21% and a signing bonus for High River’s employees (in Alberta). As reported by, the strike should have taken place on December 6th. Cargill manages about 40% of its bovine meat output for Canada in this plant.

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