USA, Brazil, Spain: leather is on a rollercoaster

USA, Brazil, Spain: leather is on a rollercoaster

Leather is on a rollercoaster. Data on exports by Spain, United States and Brazil shows discordant signs. The numbers confirm that there is a high incidence of the global dynamics on commerce, for example: the bump of positive Covid cases in some countries and the fight against the same virus with harsh lockdowns, such as in China. In addition, there are transportation delays and uncertainties in Europe, due to the Ukrainian conflict.

Leather is on a rollercoaster: Spain

During the first quarter of 2022, Spain’s leather industry generated 160 million euro in turnover. Most of the sales, says, depend from the finished products’ category, which generated 100 million euro. 40 more come from the sale of raw material, and the rest semi-finished. During this same period, imports reached 110 million. The trade balance is positive by 50 million euro. One of the country’s most relevant destinations is Italy, with 63 million euro of product purchased.

Less leather and more revenue for the USA

The US show a slight smile. According to data published by the LHCA (Leather and Hide Council of America), US tanneries sold 13.36 million pieces of leather between January and May: 2% less than the same period of the previous year. Yet, revenue generated was 9% higher: 570.62 million USD. China, with Hong Kong, remains the number 1 client, even with 12% less purchases in terms of volume (6.65 million units) and similar amounts in terms of revenue: 221.98 million. Turkey and Mexico moved the opposite way. As far as the semi-finished category goes, exports grew by 4% in terms of volume and 8% in terms of value.

Brazil follows the trend

Data by SECEXelaborated by CICB, confirms the same trend for Brazil. During the month of June, the South American country exported 13.4 million square meters of leather: -6.1% compared to the same period of the previous year. For May, the increase is 19.4%. In terms of value, the increment was of 3.6% on yearly basis: revenue in June 2022 for Brazilian leather was of 114.7 million USD against the 119 million of June 2020. The increase in June, compared to May, was of +5.1%. Brazil closed its first semester with a revenue of 666.5 million USD, 1.9% less than the first half of 2021. The contraction in volume is of 19.5%.

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