Flash sales do work: Veepee’s 2020 turnover confirms it

Flash sales do work: Veepee's 2020 turnover confirms it

Flash sales do work in Italy too. The numbers communicated by Veepee prove it: in 2020, 600,000 luxury items were sold on its channel, doubling the number of the previous year. The flash sales platform boasts 66 million customers, of which 12 million in Italy. It has a daily traffic of 4.5 million unique visitors, 79% mobile oriented. Veepee adapts to the needs of the market by launching new services.

Flash sales do work

Two-thirds of the Italian clientele that has done luxury shopping on Veepee is female. Speaking of the age pyramid, one third is Millennials. What did Veepee do to promote sales? It has created “a premium context”, with limited exposure over time of selected products in a specific quantity with respect to the brand identity. It also allowed access to sales to selected customers. “Each sale is a unique shop, a personalised channel, and an exclusive space that meets the needs of those who cover and their communication codes”, says Andrea Scarano, country manager of Veepee Italia.

The new services

Veepee works on new services. Inshop, for example, facilitates the placement of unsold items by allowing brands to connect the products available in physical stores, with integrated stock management in real time. Brandsplace is a marketplace managed by brands that can take advantage of Veepee’s customer base. In addition, with the aim of second hand, it has launched Re-turn and Re-cycle in France, with the intention of soon bringing them to Italy as well.

With Re-cycle, users have the possibility to return used products of the brand, in exchange for a voucher to be used for a new purchase in the physical or online stores of the brand itself. Re-turn, on the other hand, is a service aimed at managing returns through a dedicated platform, which allows the resale of products directly between users with an additional discount offered by Veepee, so as to avoid generating additional logistical flows.

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