Gucci and the others: shopping in digital assisted mode

Gucci and the others: shopping in digital assisted mode

Digital assisted mode breaks into the sales process. Due to the pandemic, many brands of the fashion system are resorting to technology to facilitate consumers’ purchases. From video calls to virtual assistance, to more elaborate services. Here are some examples.

Gucci Live and its digital assisted mode

The most recent case is that of Gucci. The Florentine fashion house launched Gucci Live. How does it work? Under some products on the brand’s website, a button appears that allows you to request a video call and receive live advice on the product, as can be seen in the picture. As for now, the project is only available in Europe. According to a note from the brand, “it has received positive feedback already, so much so that the group does not exclude the possibility of increasing the staff dedicated to this service and extending its functionality”.

OVS chooses WhatsApp

The Italian chain OVS offers to its customers the opportunity to video call the nearest store using WhatsApp. Its is also a digital assisted mode, and an employee responds through the smartphone to offer advice and guide the customer in the purchase. For example, checking in real time the availability of the item and the size. And offering a choice of similar and/or replacement products. The ordered goods are sent home by courier.

Malìparmi integration

Malìparmi too implemented an integration service with customers. The brand’s general manager, Luca Rastelli, explains it to “We have built a remote assisted sales system through WhatsApp. We offer the possibility to ship at home and pay by link option, by booking an appointment with an omni-channel service. This personal dimension also includes a personal shopper who can also suggests new combinations with previously purchased products”.

Patrizia Pepe’s virtual assistant

Patrizia Pepe has developed an on-demand service with Google called Sales Virtual Assistant. It is available in various languages ​​(Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) on all European domains of As reports, the customer makes an appointment with a sale assistant who will guide her in a virtual personal shopping session. At the end of the session, the customer can immediately finalise the purchase or take the necessary time to think about it.

Valentino’s variant

Valentino has chosen a slightly different path. It created a presentation event for its Backnet sneaker. In other words, it built an interactive journey to discover the shoe that also included a 3D performance created by Berlin-based creative collective Sucuk & Bratwurst, with the aim of highlighting the shoe details . Participants in the digital event, according to MF Fashion, were able to customise Backnets with the support of a sales employee. Once customised, the customer could choose whether to collect the shoes in the store or to receive them at home.

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