Gucci to open two digital stores on Tmall (and makes up with Alibaba)

Gucci to open two digital stores on Tmall (and makes up with Alibaba)

Two digital stores on Tmall. In addition, they have definitively made up with Alibaba group. Gucci announced they have signed a deal with the Chinese e-tailer. From December 21st, Kering group’s fashion brand will launch its first flagship store on the platform Luxury Pavilion.

Here they will supply a vast audience, composed of around 750 million users, with their fashion collection products: leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and some more.

Then, in February 2021, they are due to open the second store, which will focus on beauty. Thanks to its business partnership with Tmall, Gucci will be able to open a new distribution channel in the (profitable) Chinese market.

Two digital stores on Tmall

“Gucci has been strategically and systematically investing in a digital first approach on a global scale – pointed out in a press announcement Chief Executive Officer Marco Bizzarri –. Such strategy includes the implementation of a sound digital ecosystem in China”. That is why our business partnership with Tmall “will give us the opportunity to provide our clients in China with an authorized and customised e-commerce experience”.

Likewise, Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group, claimed to be extremely happy: “Chinese buyers are the most important supporters of the luxury global market. We are honoured to actively liaise with Gucci to help the brand augment its success on the Chinese market, therefore fulfilling the current expectations of digital native luxury buyers”.

A few past hard feelings

Thanks to this partnership agreement, Gucci has finally made up with Alibaba after a few hard feelings in the past. As reported by Ladymax, it is just five years since Kering group’s flagship brand took legal action against the Chinese e-commerce giant, which was accused of trading and marketing some counterfeit articles on its channels.

Yet, over the past five years several things have changed. When it comes to distribution and supply, Alibaba has become essential, so much so that the partnership with Tmall turns out to be the first one with an external portal since Gucci launched its Chinese e-commerce in 2017.




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